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Providing real estate professionals the highest quality education and training on all subjects of commercial real estate investment and brokerage practices. Through extensive specialized training and non-stop online and on-going support, we create adept commercial professionals.

Commercial REALTOR(r)

Commercial REALTOR®

At Straight Talk Commercial Real Estate Academy, we educate agents how to successfully transact commercial property business. Our training allows the practicing residential and newer commercial agent/broker/Realtor to add commercial property to their business and to do so correctly, and to avoid trouble on multiple fronts such as Realtor Code of Ethics violations, client misrepresentation, and Broker liability.

Our training is suited for the professional with goals to complete a couple transactions per year, transition full time, or simply learn how to create a referral only income stream. Training is accessible online and on-demand, mobile device enabled, and comes with multiple layers of support. Unlike other training platforms that take years and over ten thousand dollars to complete, our fully interactive and comprehensive training can be completed in a fraction of the time and cost. “Straight Talk” was created to cut through the myths and misconceptions between the Commercial and Residential real estate markets and deliver the truth about commercial sales, in an easy to understand manner.

The founders of Straight Talk all started as Residential Realtors and made the transition into commercial. Straight Talk Commercial Real Estate Academy is the Official Training of NCCAR (Northern California Commercial Association of Realtors) which handles all commercial REALTOR support for the entire state of California, and provides for the official CPP (Commercial Property Practitioner) designation of NCCAR.