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How to Become A
Commercial Property Practitioner
If you want to do more deals and higher dollar deals, then the CPP Designation is right for you.
What is the Commercial Property Practitioner (CPP) Designation?

A CPP is a Real Estate Professional who is certified to transact Commercial Real Estate sales. The CPP Designation was designed not just to enhance Agents and Brokers, but rather a deeper purpose: to give confidence to the consumer when engaging the services of a Commercial Real Estate Professional.

We empower consumer confidence when buying or selling Commercial Real Estate . CPP Designees become better advisors and educators for their clients. This results in giving clients more options and better options, translating into less risk, higher confidence and ultimately better decisions that lead to greater prosperity!

As Agents and Brokers, we are directly tied to our clients financial well being, strength and wealth. We are often dealing with their largest assets and investments. Our ability to help make better decisions can greatly impact our client's lives including: retirement savings, standard of living, stress levels, funding a kid's college, and a host of other real-life implications that affect real quality of life.

This is important stuff.

In a competitive sea of Agents and Brokers, stand out as the Commercial Property Practitioner of choice . Demonstrate your ability to provide better results. Empower them to make more money, have more power, and have more confidence in their financial decisions.

The CPP Designation shows prospective clients and clients that you are a professional that’s capable of properly advising them about their Commercial and Investment Real Estate needs.

Yes the CPP provides maximum value in the marketplace. And there's personal benefits to match! A true Win/Win. You'll develop a solid foundation of knowledge in the most common fields of commercial property, and you will be able to get commercial deals going as quickly as possible.

Let's not forget that Commercial Realtors make 270% more income than those who choose not to participate in Commercial transactions. Are you ready to step up your real estate game and take advantage of making more money, and better serving your clients?

Discover what you'll learn in the CPP Designation training:

This 5-module program combines all the important subjects into one, easy to follow program. This program is specifically designed to get you up to speed ASAP so that you can confidently start working with commercial buyers and sellers, and start receiving the largest commission checks of your career.

CPP is “Straight Talk” Education: We teach you the real world practical & applicable knowledge (no hype, no fluff, or useless "book" knowledge) using real examples and real stories to help you grow as a lucrative Agent or Broker in the Commercial Real Estate market.  These are the actual steps you need to take to short cut your success in the Commercial Real Estate market .The big Commercial Brokerages won't even teach this valuable information.

Must complete the course material with 70% to qualify. CPP Designees need not be a REALTOR®, but must hold themselves to the Code of Ethics as set forth by the National Association of REALTORS®.

Here's How You Benefit...

Dear Real Estate Pro,

If you're struggling to make the money you deserve in real estate, you are not alone.

Most residential agents make a meager $45,800 a year BEFORE their company split. 

Then deduct 30% for broker fees. Subtract another 25% for taxes to Uncle Sam, 10% for your marketing costs, and another 20% for Dues, Fees, Gas, Insurance, & other normal expenses... and it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to show that most agents live near the POVERTY line! ... And often relying on a spouse's income to survive. 

That's no way to live. I know too many broke agents.

Which is why agents must embrace Commercial. Because, why exert all your precious time and energy on SMALL low-dollar deals, when you could be spending your time on BIGGER higher-value deals and making a LOT more money.

What is your time worth? What is your expertise worth?

I don't know about you but I get demoralized by small transactions where I know the deal is going to take just as much time and energy, maybe even more energy... and the payday is barely going to cover the grocery bill.

The ANSWER is to focus on higher value transactions . Transactions where the prices and Commissions are 3X, 5X, or 10X Bigger. The great news is that bigger transactions DO NOT require 3X, 5X, or 10X the work!

The average Commercial agent makes almost 3X more income ... $126,900 per year, way above the poverty line. Way more that their residential cohorts.

You too will learn how to sell Higher Value Commercial transactions.

Most agents ASSUME they can only sell residential living homes. BUT in fact, there is "no special license" for commercial property sales.

In short, when you become a Commercial Property Practitioner (CPP), you'll be able to confident in your ability to close great deals and PROFIT for doing so. If you're interested in becoming such a CPP, then I have one question for you...

Are You A "Doer"...or Just a "Talker?"

Let's face it: real estate agents are a dime a dozen.

So how do you separate those who "walk the talk" from the ones who merely...

You see, we don't just teach commercial real estate, we actually SELL Commercial property too!

We aren't researchers. We aren't desk jockeys or "paper brokers"

We're business owners running companies (both online and offline) in B2B and B2C markets selling commercial property to all sorts of people trading Multi-family apartments to Vineyards and everything in-between.

In other words: WE ACTUALLY DO THIS STUFF... we know how hard it is to find truly skilled people who know what they're talking about.

And that's why we created the CPP Designation.

We built this designation program to train our own team members and supply our agent and broker referrals with education and support because, well, frankly we had too many leads and many were slipping between the cracks.

After speaking with lots of Professionals trying to enter thecommercial real estate game and with Organized Real Estate Associations, NONE were finding any other solid training out there (both affordable and "real world" practical). So we decided to make this CPP Designation and training available to the world.

In short, we're making it available to YOU... because it's not available to you otherwise.

The Commercial Property Practitioner Designation is specifically designed to get you educated so you can start closing deals quickly.

You will gain a solid foundation on which to build your Commercial real estate career... And we are even here to give you the support you need.

Click the link below to enroll in the CPP Designation Program and get started on your path to prosperity.

Here's What You Will Learn...
  • Understand how the Commercial industry works so you don't stick out as a newbie.
  • Exactly where the best opportunities are (there are multiple). Why struggle to find good niches when we'll show you where the low-hanging fruit lies.
  • How to protect yourself and your commissions so you always get paid. This "ain't all sunshine and rainbows"... you MUST protect your commission or the sharks WILL take it.
  • How to work best with the different Owner-User and Investor Clients. Different Buyers and Sellers can have vastly different goals and we'll show you how to find out what your clients want.
  • Set Expectations with clients from the start will save yourself from hair pulling and wasting tons of time.
  • Show you the BEST tools and resources available and how to use them. You've got to be using the right tools and resources. like the MLS is PARAMOUNT in residential, there are tools required for Commercial, and the MLS ain't one!
  • Break down and simplify ways to analyze deals. "Working the numbers" doesn't have to take calculus level brain-power. We'll show you the simple math you need to know, and the tools you need to crunch the more complex stuff.
  • How to correctly value different types of commercial properties so you come up with accurate valuations. We all know pricing is paramount to getting real property sold. Might as well do it right from the get.
  • Everything you need to know to get started selling Apartments, Retail and Office Property. 3 core modules are focused on these areas of commercial real estate. Why? Because this is your "bread and butter" where you are going to be spending your time in. Learn the ins and outs of each.
  • How to effectively market listings to sell fast and top dollar (no, its not the MLS!). We'll show you what you can do to get exposure and even places to double end your listing (if that's your thing!)
  • Both Online and Offline marketing strategies. We're going to have a lot of fun showing all the places to market your listings to generate real buyer interest.
  • Learn different and multiple Online and Offline strategies for Commercial Lead Generation. This fun core module will discuss the many ways to get in front of prospects and ultimately turn them into paying clients, some even worth 6 figures to you.
  • How to navigate a commercial transaction from start to finish. Once you understand the flow or process of a deal, it will boost your confidence greatly. This is a common stumbling block for new-to-commercial agents and brokers.
  • Show you what Due Diligence, Inspections and Disclosures are required and recommended. This varies state to state, and we'll give you guidelines and tell you where to get the right stuff for your area.
  • How to prepare Broker Opinion of Value (similar to CMA) that backs up your pricing and makes you look like the Pro you really are.
  • How to deal with other commercial agents and command respect. It's no surprise that many new commercial agents and brokers get treated as an "outsider" when they just jump in the market and act like a residential guy or gal. We'll teach you how to go stealth-mode so that the experienced agents show you respect and actually return your calls and emails.
  • How to get your offers presented and accepted, not get thrown in the garbage. Again, best not to look like a complete rookie in the eyes of your competition. The local commercial market is smaller than you might think.
  • How to overcome novice mistakes and avoid the pain of reputation loss. You only have one reputation. We will show you how to avoid rookie mistakes that can cost you dearly.
  • And much, much more...
Enroll Now in The CPP Designation Program
"I would highly recommend anyone take this class."
I have had a wonderful learning experience with the Straight Talk commercial courses. They are presented in a manner that allowed me to learn when it was convenient to me. There is so much educational information that I was able to watch two or three times to be sure I understood the material. There is a lot of opportunity in this field. But this was the first source of information that I found that would allow me to feel comfortable using in my practice. I would highly recommend anyone to take this class. You may be leaving business on the table that you could be using. This material will allow you to start the career in commercial real estate that you may have been overlooking. - John Kilroy, ERA Liberty Realty
What Will You Gain?
  • Differentiation - Become the "go-to" commercial agent in your entire office with a skill set most agents or brokers simply do not have.
  • Endless Referrals - Other agents and brokers will be feeding YOU with warm and hot referral leads, especially if you work alongside residential agents.
  • Client Referrals - Be the commercial source for your existing client database. Most residential homeowners do NOT currently know a commercial agent. Capitalize on these referrals.
  • Higher Confidence - Feel confident in your ability to interact with these clients and ultimately CLOSE high value multi-million dollar Real Estate.
  • More Power - You call the shots of which clients you want to work with, not the other way around.
  • More Credibility - Earn your CPP™ Designation to demonstrate your professional credibility.
  • More Money - Sell multi-million dollar real estate for much larger commissions. One deal could be worth more money than you made last year combined!
"This is the best training video I have seen in the last 13 years"
  I kid you not, it’s the best training video I have seen in the last 13 years. What’s so important is that it’s available to you and me now! Stephen is engaging, straight forward and informational. Although I just started, I am so inspired by his information and the way he presents it that I know wholeheartedly I am going to succeed and go from good to great. - Mary Ann Cadorna – Commercial REALTOR® at Global Investment Group, Business Radio Talk Show Host
What's Included:
Online Membership Training Center

Everything you could ever want, at the end of your fingertips. No
matter what devices you use the information and training is within easy reach. Access is smart phone, tablet, laptop and desktop friendly. Put an end to flying all over the country or waiting for training to come to you. Save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars with this easy online solution.

5 Core Modules

Gain access to the latest and greatest core education program, we call it the Foundation Essentials. Whether you're new to commercial real estate, or an experienced residential professional this program is for you. Learn how the industry really works. Get the real world, practical, and applicable knowledge you need to cut your learning curve exponentially!

Segmented into 5 core modules, the Foundation Essentials takes you through an introduction to commercial real estate, apartment / multi-family properties, retail properties, office properties, and lead generation & marketing for commercial clients.

Module 1: Introduction To Commercial

Lay your foundation for success here. This is the overview of commercial brokerage and what you need to know and do to get rolling and stay out of trouble. Topics discussed are introduction the IRS 1031 exchange, a review of all Commercial property types, how Commercial Real Estate is valued, The basics of leasing and how it works, communicating with Buyers and Sellers, how to prepare proper marketing materials listing Commercial Real Estate that when done properly sells quick and multiplies your listings inventory, the Letter of Intent, and much more.

Module 2: Multi-Family Apartments

The easiest transition and often the easiest for a new learner to grasp is Apartments / Multi-Family. This is the most common property type for the new professional, however it is also the property type with the most competition in the market. Learn the different types of Multi Family properties, how Multi-Family is valued - in particular what expenses and income to expect, proper questions to ask, the intricacies of vacancy, marketing for apartments, and many more vital topics necessary for successful brokering.

Module 3: Retail Shopping Centers

Retail is one of the most popular investment vehicles for investors to reach the next level. Retail includes coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores, your favorite clothing outlets, everyday product and service providers and is probably one of the most common Commercial Real Estate types in the world. It is vital for a Commercial Agent to learn the intricacies of Retail in order to be successful - and this course covers that and more. 

Learn what types of retail products are out there, how they are valued correctly, become familiar with CAM charges, common Retail lease types, what to look for regarding due diligence, as well as how to look for excellent value-add strategies for physical and economic improvements. Also learn about NNN (Triple-Net leased properties) which are perfect for clients in or nearing retirement.

Module 4: Office Buildings

Aka, your professional services providers. You will often work with local, regional, and national corporations, as well as investors of all sizes from the "mom-and-pop" to Public REITs. Office product is commonly misunderstood by agents and surprisingly owners too. Learning the details that many agents (including seasoned professionals) are unaware of will give the new Commercial Pro an edge when working with new clients. 

Learn what types of buildings there are, how they are valued for both owner-users and investors, how to properly calculate and spot important aspects of an office building like "Load Factor" and "Rent-Stops", discover how to properly conduct due diligence for office products, and many more subjects related to this sometimes tricky property type.

Module 5: Lead Generation & Marketing

Learn to lead generate and market for business. This is where we bring it home and you start putting clients in your sales funnel. This is where agents either succeed or fail. We show you the steps needed to follow in order to generate commercial leads. Learn where to go to generate leads and what to do with them so they end up in a sale. We'll take you through over 12 lead generation methods - all covered in our largest module of the program. The end of this course brings everything together and helps you create a full, robust and successful marketing plan. The perfect ending to the Foundation Essentials Program. Enroll Today and up your Commercial Real Estate IQ!

"By far the best class I have ever attended on marketing"
    I really enjoyed your module on lead generation and marketing. It’s by far the best class I have ever attended on marketing, and I have been to every class I can get my hands on. Nicely done!” - Jared Grant – Commercial REALTOR®, Managing Broker at Grant & Lewis

Earn Your CPP Designation

Earning the CPP™ Designation shows prospective clients and clients that you are a professional capable of properly advising them about their Commercial Real Estate needs. Stand out as the Commercial Property Practitioner of choice. Must complete the Foundation Essentials program with 70% to qualify. All CPP™ Designees subscribe and hold themselves to the Code of Ethics as set forth by the National Association of REALTORS®.

Tools and Resources

As a commercial professional in this New Economy, you need the know which tools and resources are available to you. From marketing materials, to research, to organizations - we have you covered in the Ultimate Resource Guide.

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