T he Foundation Essentials program teaches you the practical knowledge and training you want and need to get started in the subjects of retail, office and apartment real estate sales. Having a solid foundation of knowledge in the most common fields of commercial property will help you get deals going as quickly as possible.
You can sell commercial real estate. It's not difficult, only different! We'll teach what you need to know and what to do. Now is the time to profit in the New Economy.

This 5-module program combines all the important subjects into one, easy to follow program. This Foundation Essentials program is specifically designed to get you up to speed ASAP so that you can confidently start working with commercial buyers and sellers, and start receiving the largest commission checks of your career.

“Straight Talk” Education: We teach real world practical & applicable knowledge using real examples and real stories to help you grow as a lucrative agent in the Commercial Real Estate market. These are the actual steps you need to take, and the steps that the big commercial houses put their agents through, in order to break into the commercial market.

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Module 1 – Introduction to Commercial Real Estate: Lay your success foundation here. This is the overview of commercial brokerage and what you need to know and do to get rolling and stay out of trouble. Topics discussed are introduction the IRS 1031 exchange, a review of all Commercial property types, how Commercial Real Estate is valued, The basics of leasing and how it works, communicating with Buyers and Sellers, how to prepare proper marketing materials listing Commercial Real Estate that when done properly sells quick and multiplies your listings inventory, the Letter of Intent, and much more. This module is of significant importance within the Program!
Module 2 - Multi-Family Apartment Essentials: The easiest transition and often the easiest for a new learner to grasp is Apartments / Multi-Family. This is the most common property type for the new professional, however it is also the property type with the most competition in the market. Learn the different types of Multi Family properties, how Multi-Family is valued - in particular what expenses and income to expect, proper questions to ask, the intricacies of vacancy, and many more vital topics necessary for successful brokering.
Module 3 - Retail & Shopping Centers: Retail is one of the most popular investment vehicles for investors to reach the next level. Retail includes coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores, your favorite clothing outlets, everyday product and service providers and is probably one of the most common Commercial Real Estate types in the world. It is vital for a Commercial Agent to learn the intricacies of Retail in order to be successful - and this course covers that and more. Learn what types of retail products are out there, how they are valued correclty, become familiar with CAM charges, common Retail lease types, what to look for regarding due diligence, as well as how to look for excellent value-add strategies for physical and economic improvements. Also learn about NNN (Triple-Net leased properties) which are perfect for clients in or nearing retirement.
Module 4 - Office Properties Essentials: Aka, your professional services providers. You will often work with local, regional, and national corporations, as well as investors of all sizes from the "mom-and-pop" to Public REITs. Office product is commonly misunderstood. Learning the details that many agents (including seasoned professionals) are unaware of will give the new Commercial Pro an edge when working with new clients. Learn what types of buildings there are, how they are valued for both owner-users and investors, how to properly calculate and spot important aspects of an office building like "Load Factor" and "Rent-Stops", discover how to properly conduct due diligence for office products, and many more subjects related to this sometimes tricky property type.
Module 5 – Lead Generation & Marketing: Learn to lead generate and market for business. This is where we bring it home and you start putting clients in your sales funnel. This is where agents either succeed or fail. We show you the steps needed to follow in order to generate commercial leads. Learn where to go to generate leads and what to do with them so they end up in a sale. We'll take you through over 12 lead generation methods - all covered in our largest module in this Program. The end of this course brings everything together and helps you create a full, robust and successful marketing plan. The perfect ending to the Foundation Essentials Program. Enroll Today and up your Commercial Real Estate IQ!

What is the Commercial Property Practitioner (CPP) Designation?

The CPP Designee is a licensed Real Estate Professional whom has completed the courses and demonstrated proficiency to understand and transact Commercial Real Estate. All CPP Designees practice a high level of competency via the skills and knowledge gained through thorough education, practice & instruction. The CPP Designation was designed to give confidence to the consumer when engaging the services of a Commercial Real Estate Professional.

This designation shows prospective clients and clients that you are a professional that’s capable of properly advising them about their Commercial Real Estate needs. Stand out as the Commercial Property Practitioner of choice. Must complete the Foundation Essentials program with 70% to qualify. All CPP Designees subscribe and hold themselves to the Code of Ethics as set forth by the National Association of REALTORS®.